Your Leelanau County Road Commission

Chairman: Robert Joyce

Vice-Chairman: John Popa

Member: Jim Calhoun

Member: Tom Eckerle

Member: Greg Mikowski

This 2013 Peterbilt is the latest addition to the Leelanau County Road Commission snowplow fleet.

 About The Road Commission

Each road commission member is elected to a six year term of office with each term staggered every two years.  This way only one commissioner is up for re-election in any given election year.   Elections for road commission are held in even numbered years, corresponding to county, state and federation election schedules.  During the first meeting in January, the five member Board begins each year by electing a Chair and Vice-chair for the ensuing year.  This process is followed by appointing a Manager and a Secretary to the Board, and by adopting a meeting schedule for the year.  It is the custom of the Road Commission to hold meetings on the first and third Tuesdays of each month starting at 1:00 p.m. at our Suttons Bay office.  

Click here to see our 2019 Road Commission meeting schedule

Duties and Responsibilities

The Leelanau County Road Commission is charged with setting policy, adopting a budget and assuring that staff members carry out the business of the commission.  To use our directory below, please click on the email links for each Road Commissioner and staff member below:  

Board Members: 

John Popa, Vice chairman   -  Home phone 947-1088

Jim Calhoun, Member -

Robert Joyce, Chairman

Greg Mikowski, Member

Tom Eckerle, Member

-For general inquires, please send emails to

If any Township or County Board or subcommittee wishing to invite a Road Commissioner to their meeting, please do so by emailing the Road Commission at the email listed above. Be sure to include the date requested, the topic to be discussed as well as specifying which Road Commissioner preferred.

Road Commission Staff

Justin Kelenske, Manager
231-271-3993 Ext. 225

Engineer - position is pending as of 7/14/19
Non-residential construction permits, utility permits, land divisions and design standards. Please contact Manager Justin Kelenske or Superintendent Dave Priest for further assistance.

Dave Priest, Superintendent
Residential driveway permits, contacts regarding road maintenance and conditions.
231-271-3993 Ext. 226

Joe Nedow, Finance Manager - Secretary to the Board
Recording Secretary to the Board, accounting/financial functions, human resources. 231-271-3993 Ext. 223

Gino Grimaldi, Foreman - Maple City garage
As this location is unable to receive phone calls, please contact the Suttons Bay office at 231-271-3993.
129 W. Church St, Maple City, MI 49664

Dustin Albrecht, Fleet and Facilities Manager
Fleet and facility related contacts.
231-271-3993 Ext. 227

Linda Kuhn, Administrative Assistant
General permit questions and assistance.
231-271-3993 Ext. 221