Policies & Procedures

The Leelanau County Road Commission responsibilities, in addition to maintaining, repairing and plowing county roads encompass a wide range of other road related issues focused on public safety.  These include:

  • Working with property owners and contractors to make sure that their need for a new, upgraded or reconstructed driveway also meets standards set by the State of Michigan, doesn’t interfere with public travel and doesn’t create a safety hazard.

  • Reviewing the division of private land to determine if the proposed parcels will have adequate sight distance for safe ingress and egress from the public road.

  • Establishing a seasonal road system for roads that are closed to public travel from November through April.

  • Implementing seasonal weight restrictions. Click on "Public Notice" to learn more about this year’s seasonal weight restrictions and for a list of roads that are exempt from those restrictions. Seasonal weight restrictions are typically implemented in March.

  • Work with haulers to ensure they are aware of Leelanau County Road Commission policies that may affect them. Haulers who want to receive notices of changes to road commission policies and seasonal guidelines should send a request with their email address to Leelanau County Road Commission Manager Justin Kelenske, jkelenske@leelanauroads.org

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