Historical Bid Information

Each year the Leelanau County Road Commission requests bids for variety of materials for summer and winter operations.

On this page, vendors and other interested parties can review past bid results for paving projects and the purchase of materials used to maintain roads throughout Leelanau County.  Past bid reports here include results of bids for:

  • Aggregate (22A gravel, 31A stone, and winter sand)

  • Dust control brine

  • Liquid emulsion (seal coat liquid)

  • Fuel (#2 diesel and gasoline)

  • Highway painting

Bid Tab Summaries

For reference purposes only.  Please be advised that the Board reserves the right to award individual projects, reject any and/or all bids, to waive irregularities in any proposal, and to award the bid(s) (or direct staff to award bids) that in the opinion of the Board is in the best interests of the Leelanau County Road Commission.

Any prospective bidder who elects to download bid documents from this website shall bear the sole responsibility to check the website to make sure that they have downloaded all documents (including any addenda or late additions) up to the time of the deadline for the submission.                      

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