Submit A Driveway Permit Application & Pay Online

It's easy to submit a driveway permit application and pay online.  Follow these simple instructions:

  1. Open the permit form on the previous page and fill it out. Use the free Acrobat XI Reader.

  2. Save the completed form on your computer. Because we are handling permit applications electronically, you do not need to sign the permit application at this time. Be sure to use the "save as" command and not the "save" command so that your inputted data will be saves. Use a new file name that incorporates your last name in the file, for example: smithdriveway.pdf.

  3. After you have finished using the credit card/PayPal payment option, email the completed form to We ask that you do not submit your permit application electronically if you are planning on mailing your payment instead of using the credit card/PayPal option.

  4. Click the Pay Now button to pay by credit card or your PayPal account. We will begin processing your application when payment and permit application has been received.

Please allow 7 - 10 days for processing. 

Follow this link to open the Driveway Permit Application.

NOTE: Driveway permit applicants are reminded to stake/flag the exact location of the proposed driveway before submitting their applications before their permit will be processed.

Driveway Permit Fees

 Special Considerations:

For commercial and multi-residential driveways where HMA paved surface and/or concrete curb & gutter are required by the Road Commission, a $6,000.00 escrow deposit or surety bond is required to guarantee completion of HMA surface paving. Please contact Superintendent Dave Priest at (231) 271-3993 extension 226 for further details.